5 tips for creating a stellar sales page

Marketing jargon is easily written, but kills customer engagement. Here is how to create content free of hackneyed hyperbole and cliché calls to action.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: Sales materials are often “dry,” “boring” and “sleazy.”

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Your marketing copy can be better.

According to Enchanting Marketing, there are five key steps that you can follow when creating a sales page to ensure that your content doesn’t lose the reader.

They include:

1. Focus on a value proposition.

What problem does your product solve? Sometimes business people call this a pain point, referring the consumer discomfort that your product hopes to alleviate.

2. Explain your offer with clarity.

What separates your product from others? The marketplace often has multiple solutions for a problem. Why is yours the best value?

3. Back up your claims with proof.

What data support your claims? Are there market authorities who back you up? Are there customer testimonials you can share?

4. Answer questions.

What are the hesitations customers have before buying? What fears do they have?

5. Nudge readers to take action.

What is the purpose of your page? Should they buy now or join your email newsletter? Direct your readers to the action you are looking for.

Remember: when all else fails, great content will always shine through. So, don’t focus on creating sales materials that communicate every single nuance of your product.

Tell a great story and your audience will listen.

For more on the five steps to sales material mastery, check out the Enchanting Marketing infographic below:


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