5 types of social media content your audience wants

Fan engagement with brands has broadened and deepened through online networks, but do you know what your fans are looking for? Here are some ideas.

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Why do we let them into a world where we share and consume content from the people closest to us?

Social media has provided a unique opportunity for consumers and brands to connect on a level much deeper than that of a monetary transaction. It may sound obvious, but it’s worth noting that previously, a true fan of a brand didn’t have many options for celebrating his fandom.

I could watch my favorite show, but couldn’t get behind-the-scenes content (unless that, too, was on television). I could purchase a shirt bearing the logo of my favorite team, but if I wore it in a special place (say I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in it), how would they know? I’d have to mail them a picture, and even if they received it, where would they share it?

It was a one-way relationship, aside from the moment when I handed over my money and they handed me the product, or when I sat down and tuned in to my favorite show.

There’s no single reason we follow brands, but it’s certainly rooted in the idea that we as consumers, supporters, and fans want to have a deeper relationship with them.

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