5 ways to land the communications job of your dreams

PR and marketing pros, finding the position you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to involve filling out endless applications and sending resumes.

Whether you’re new to the communications industry or a seasoned PR, marketing or social media professional, getting the job you’ve dreamed of is no easy task.

Learning the harsh realities of PR or realizing what a social media manager’s day is like is enough to send some running for the hills. For those who love communicating and creating campaigns despite the stress, there are resources for you to find the perfect fit—whether at an agency or inside a company.

Here are five ways you can find that coveted PR, marketing or social media job:

1. Beef up your portfolio.

PR, marketing and social media jobs come with fierce competition; a listing for a tech company like Facebook or Yelp can have hundreds of applicants within 24 hours. Employment at PR agencies may be at a record high according to Ad Age , but that doesn’t mean demand is waning.

Make your portfolio look the best it can be, and have a version of it available online. Not only will you showcase your knowledge and skills to potential employers during interviews, you open yourself up to be contacted by headhunters regarding professional opportunities.

2. Power your job searches.

Most organizations have “careers” sections on their websites that list available job openings along with instructions for applying, and LinkedIn’s job search features extend to iOS and Android apps, which lets users search and apply for positions privately.

There is a plethora of location-specific or industry-specific job opening lists, too. PRSA has a large database with open PR positions, and many local PRSA chapters have positions specific to the region. There’s also a job database for people interested in working for the entertainment industry, Mashable houses a list of digital and technology positions, and for communications professionals who love sports, MLB, NBA and NFL each have career listings.

PR Daily also publishes a weekly PR and marketing jobs post that can tip you off to companies looking for new talent.

3. Get connected.

Now more than ever, it’s easy to connect with recruiters, executives and other employees at the companies you aspire to work for.

Follow and interact with leaders on Twitter, comment and share company blog posts and get involved with LinkedIn groups for PR, marketing and social media pros.

Connecting with talent seekers through social media can help them more easily recognize your name when it comes through on a resume, and sharing insightful comments on a leader’s post or tweet could impress them. That’s never a bad thing.

4. Apply outside the box.

Though applying for jobs requires virtually pounding the pavement, communications pros should look beyond employment listings if they’re not finding something that suits them.

Many positions are posted on Twitter, and using the platform’s advanced search can help uncover those links via keywords and connections. You can also use other platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to reach out to companies you love, showcasing your passion and skills. You could also attend a virtual job fair.

The basic principle is this: Just because a job listing doesn’t exist doesn’t mean there’s not an opportunity for you. Ask the recruiters and brand managers to whom you’ve connected how you can work for them, and never miss a chance to show off your skills, especially if you can pitch how well they’d benefit the company.

5. Continue adding skills to your toolkit.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to PR and marketing, or a veteran communications professional looking to stay relevant, it’s still important to continue learning new skills.

Ragan offers virtual training on a variety of topics and trends, as well as events and workshops for communications pros. Companies such as Hootsuite and Hubspot home in on webinars on specific social media and inbound-marketing tips, too.

Use what you learn and write a guest blog post or insightful comment on Twitter and LinkedIn. When you have your interview, make sure you apply your newly acquired knowledge when answering questions.

What tips would you add for securing your dream job in communications? Join us in our #RaganSocial Twitter chat Tuesday, May 5, at 2 p.m. Central for an open-mic discussion.

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