50 alternatives to the word ‘excited’

A thesaurus can come in handy when crafting a press release, especially when using the same, old words. Here are a list to help strengthen your pitching vocabulary.

We’ve all seen it, and we’ve likely done it.

Beginning a press release with, “Today, Noddles Company is excited to announce the launch of its new Noddle 6.0 product,” or using a quote from the CEO that states, “We are excited about this new partnership with ABC Associates,” is becoming tired.

It doesn’t matter what’s being announced—”excited” is the go-to verb among communications professionals. For example, “Today we are excited to announce a new award for outstanding achievement in the field of press release writing excellence.”

Make it stop.

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The English language is full of meaningful and precise descriptors, so let’s start using them in our press releases. Below are some alternatives to the word “excited.”

(Please keep in mind that not all of these options will work in every “we are excited to announce” scenario, but they can at least be used to add variety to our writing).

1. aflame

2. animated

3. anxious

4. ardent

5. athirst

6. breathless

7. charged

8. delighted

9. eager

10. earnest

11. ebullient

12. elated

13. electrified

14. enlivened

15. energized

16. enthusiastic

17. exhilarated

18. exuberant

19. feverish

20. fervent

21. fervid

22. fiery

23. fired up

24. frantic

25. gladdened

26. gratified

27. heated

28. impassioned

29. inflamed

30. intense

31. invigorate

32. keen

33. keyed up

34. lively

35. overjoyed

36. passionate

37. pleased

38. proud

39. restless

40. restive

41. revitalized

42. solicitous

43. spirited

44. stirred up

45. thrilled

46. vehement

47. voracious

48. wholehearted

49. wild

50. zealous

What do you think, PR Daily readers? What would you add to the list?

A regular contributor to PR Daily , Laura Hale Brockway is medical writer and editor from Austin, Texas. Read more of her work at i mpertinentremarks.com.

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