6 content marketing lessons from ‘Inside Out’

Disney’s series of Pixar tales can appeal to adults just as much as to kids. Here are a few things content marketers can learn from the studio’s latest animated drama.

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The movie provides a unique perspective on the importance of memories and the vital role that emotions play. The sophisticated handling of themes keeps even adults enthralled throughout the film.

“Inside Out” doesn’t only entertain; it also teaches valuable lessons for content marketers. Here are six:

1. Life’s not all sunshine and happiness.

The movie focuses on two of Riley’s emotions: Joy and Sadness. Joy thinks that Riley should only experience happiness and deems Sadness an obstacle to Joy’s plans for keeping Riley happy.

After Sadness sets off some unfortunate events that lead Joy and Riley from their headquarters, it dawns on Joy that Sadness is Riley’s source of help and comfort and that the two emotions bring out the best in each other—and in Riley.

It’s OK for content marketers to deviate from the upbeat messages most depend on; sharing sadness and nostalgia is fine, too. Taking the less-trodden path on occasion offers your audience a candid look at reality that humanizes your brand and makes it endearing.

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