6 gifts PR pros truly want for Valentine’s Day

Fancy jewelry, an expensive dinner and flowers are some of the holiday’s top gifts, communicators’ desires look a little different. Can you relate?

Roses and candy are often appreciated, but many PR pros would rather have a headline instead.

After another day pitching journalists, endearing themselves to consumers through tweets or Facebook posts and ensuring that heart-laden PR stunts go off without a hitch, communicators could use some love—through gifts you can’t get at a Hallmark store.

Here’s what PR pros really want for Valentine’s Day:

1. A (client) match made in heaven.


Forget a romantic date this Valentine’s Day: PR pros just want a client that’s a perfect match. A great client is one who knows his or her budget, can relay the organization’s goals and is willing to be coached by a communications professional.

2. A viral sensation.


Whether you’re jealous of the KFC social media team’s subtle Twitter gag or are frustrated after pitching journalists with lukewarm results, if you covet a viral hit, you’re not alone. Many PR pros can relate to the experience of facing the frustration of a boss or client who demands major media coverage, even though they are offer lackluster news.

3. Responses from journalists.


There are plenty of reasons for reporters to ignore PR pros’ emails, especially if a pitch isn’t targeted, urgent or compelling. However, many PR pros would benefit from a simple reply to their pitches, even if the journalist says he or she is too busy or the pitch isn’t a fit.

4. More time.


A PR pro’s work is never done, and that’s often reflected in long hours and last-minute meetings, adjustments or brainstorming sessions for clients. A personalized planner or a fancy watch can help you be better organized (and fashionable), but neither will add more hours to your day—which is what PR pros really want (along with a vacation).

5. Less stress.


You might get a gift card to a spa or a relaxing spa basket for Valentine’s Day, which can help ease muscles that are tightened from anticipating deadlines or handling crisis responses.

Though these gifts are a good start, PR pros could better benefit from reduced daily stress (especially as the position is considered one of the most stressful careers in the United States).

6. Recognition for their efforts.


A fancy dinner, jewelry and expensive gifts are often coveted items on Valentine’s Day. Many PR pros wouldn’t mind a new wallet or shiny pair of earrings, but recognition is what most communicators are truly after.

An email thanking a PR pro for an outstanding job or an in-person compliment can mean a lot to the person who has helped your organization rebuild its reputation or garnered positive press after a product launch. PR pros wouldn’t say no to an award for their winning work, either.

What would you add to this list, PR Daily readers?

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