6 handy SEO tools to use and peruse

Don’t let Google’s confusing algorithm get you down. Try resources such as Soovle, Answer the Public and Screaming Frog to discover fresh keyword opportunities.

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SEO can be a tricky thicket for communicators.

Regardless of ilk or industry, if your website doesn’t appear near the top of Google’s search results, it’s as if you don’t exist.

Here to help untangle Google’s confounding algorithm is Alan Bush, VP of operations at Ignite and an instructor of SEO and digital marketing at the University of California, San Diego. He recently led a session at Ragan’s “Latest Google Skills for Communicators Virtual Summit”  covering:

  • How search engines work and what they’re looking for (including BERT)
  • The E-A-T framework: How to use Expertise, Authority and Trust to climb the rankings
  • SEO strategy in three steps—a checklist for creating optimized content
  • What’s next: How to optimize your content for mobile and voice search

He also offered six terrific SEO resources communicators can use, including:

Soovle. Per Bush: “This free tool is a great resource for generating ideas using auto-search from seven different popular search engines—simultaneously.”

Answer the Public. You’ll have to pony up to pay for unlimited requests, but you can access limited queries about “commonly asked questions to generate content ideas that will help with blogs, articles and FAQs.​”

Google Search Console. Why not get guidance straight from the source? As Bush says, “In addition to providing valuable information as to how Google sees your site, Google allows you to see ‘opportunity keywords’ within their own platform.” He offers a reminder that Google Keyword Planner is vital for PPC campaigns, the (free) Search Console shouldn’t be ignored for overall SEO insights.​

For more expert SEO advice, tips and tactics from Bush and a handful of other industry leaders, access the rest of “The Latest Google Skills for Communicators Virtual Summit” today.


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    Leading Edge Info Solutions says:

    There are a huge number of tools are available in the market for SEO, Which is helpful for keyword research, competitor analysis, website tracking, SEO Success checker, etc. Some of the tools are mentioned below:
    Google Console
    Google Analytics
    Google Console
    Google Keyword Planner

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