6 lessons from the top 10 Best LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn asked its users to nominate the most inspiring Company Pages on the network. Here are the winners and ways to apply their smart tactics to your page.

Does your organization’s LinkedIn Company Page represent your brand’s culture and values? Does it attract new talent? Does it engage and inspire your customers?

Does your organization even have a Company Page?

Whether your Company Page needs a few tweaks or an overhaul, LinkedIn’s 10 Best Company Pages of 2014 provide excellent inspiration.

To determine which brands have the best pages, LinkedIn asked users to nominate pages they thought were innovative and inspiring. Here are a half-dozen winners, along with what you can learn from them to make your page sparkle:

1. Dell: Take advantage of Sponsored Updates.

Sponsored posts are becoming a staple on most social networks, and LinkedIn is no exception. Dell uses the feature to reach more people in LinkedIn’s main feed than just its followers, and you can do the same.

2. Evernote: Pin updates to feature your most valuable content.

When Evernote releases a new feature, it posts an update to its page and pins it. Pinning an update keeps it at the top of the Recent Updates section, ensuring more of your followers will see the news.

3. Luxottica Group: Use the Careers Page to attract top talent.

The eyewear brand posts not only job listings to its Careers Page, but also content that showcases the company’s culture. This helps job applicants better understand the company and whether they would be a good fit.

4. Procter & Gamble: Highlight specific aspects of your business with Showcase Pages.

Showcase Pages are extensions of your Company Page that enable you to feature a brand, business unit or other part of your organization. Procter & Gamble created one for Secret deodorant, which enables the brand to engage the product’s audience directly.

5. Tesla Motors: Share breaking news and announcements.

Tesla Motors makes announcements and reveals sneak peeks to those who follow its Company Page. Reward your followers by offering exclusive content, too.

6. Wells Fargo: Target your updates by location.

If your organization has a diverse following, it would probably benefit from targeting updates. LinkedIn enables you to target updates by company size, industry, seniority, location, language and more. Wells Fargo does this often to announce location-specific events or share branch success stories.

See the full list of winning Company Pages.


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