6 new social media terms added to AP Stylebook

In case you were wondering how to spell ‘geolocation,’ the writing guide on Monday shared some new guidelines via Twitter (how appropriate). It also added a 16-page food section.

The Associated Press has made available the print edition of the 2011 AP Stylebook, and it includes 20 new social media entries and a 16-page food section.

On Monday, the writing guide tweeted six of the new social media entries. They are:

  • end user
  • geolocation
  • geotagging
  • link shortener
  • stream
  • unfollow

New Social Media entries: end user, geolocation, geotagging, link shortener, stream and unfollow. #APStyleChatless than a minute ago via CoTweet Favorite Retweet ReplyAP Stylebook

Meanwhile, the AP also added a 16-page food section, according to a press release posted on Poynter.org. The list of words and phrases in this section include:

  • locavore:
  • adobo sauce:
  • amuse-bouche
  • blind bake
  • farmstead

The latest edition of the writing guide features 500 changes, the press release said.

We’re still waiting for Fake AP Stylebook to weigh in on the updates.

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