6 PR agency pet peeves

What client and journalist behaviors really get under PR professionals’ skins? Here are a few of the worst examples.

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Bada-bum. Of course he wasn’t serious. The comment was a way to boost sagging morale when clients behaved in ways that his young staff couldn’t handle. But many years later, it’s still a reminder of the unique pressures of the agency life.

And it’s not just clients who can stress us out. We serve many masters, including direct bosses, media contacts, and various levels of client executives. There are the politics of the agency itself, those of the client company, and those of journalists and partners. Here are some of the top PR agency “pet peeves” that are probably familiar to many communications professionals.

1. The black hole. You send a cogent email or leave a reasonably important message, only to be met with crickets. Whether you’re getting no response from a journalist, a business prospect, or a client, an email or call greeted by silence is frustrating enough that it makes you question your career choice. A simple “no, thanks” can save time and dignity.

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