6 secrets to inspire brand loyalty

Just because a customer follows you online doesn’t mean he or she will turn away from a competitor’s offerings. Follow these steps for building a passionate community.

How do you keep consumers coming back for more?

Many brand managers have mastered the art of creating and sharing great content across their social media platforms, but not all of them have solved the loyalty problem.

Despite following brands’ social accounts, a 2016 ICLP study revealed that the vast majority of customers (97 percent) would be willing to “cheat” on their favorite retailers. In other words, even though a customer likes you enough to want to follow your posts online, competitors can still sway them.

Though fostering brand loyalty through social isn’t an exact science, Business Coaches Sydney details six ways to help:

1. Listen and interact with your audience.

2. Develop an engagement plan.

3. Engage with your most active advocates.

4. Offer benefits and other rewards.

5. Repurpose and shre your best content.

6. Provide a “sneak peak” inside your organization.

For details on these, check out the full infographic from Business Coaches Sydney:


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