6 signs you’re ready to hire a PR firm

Are you ready to take risks? Do you have time to devote to PR? Are you prepared to share your business goals? Then hire away!

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They’ve done a lot of the right things: Their sales team has the right connections, they’re gaining industry recognition and they have the right people both setting the strategy and executing it.

But when we asked what they do differently than their competitors, the silence was deafening.

We tried the question another way: “What makes you excellent?”

Again, no answer.

That’s not entirely true. They did try to answer it, but couldn’t come to a consensus.

Much to the surprise of my team, I cut the meeting short. I closed my notebook (yes, I still carry a notebook), pushed back my chair and said, “Gentlemen, you’re not ready for us yet.”

Sure, a communications firm can help an organization figure out its messaging and positioning, but if the organization doesn’t have the slightest inkling of what that is before it spends money on PR, it’s likely the firm won’t succeed.

Are you ready to hire a PR firm?

Here’s how you know you’re ready to hire a PR firm:

1. You know what PR is in today’s digital age.

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