6 years of hashtag history

In under a decade, hashtags have gone from altogether non-existent to appearing in half of all Super Bowl commercials. Follow the progression.

In just six years hashtags have evolved from a simple symbol to one of today’s most valuable marketing tools. And it doesn’t stop there. Hashtags have integrated the lives of everyday people, every day. From a student’s Instagram pic to a CMO’s tweets, the use of hashtags have accelerated into mass popularity. In this infographic from Offerpop, we’ve compiled some key moments of the hashtag’s lifetime to get a better idea of how this common sign turned into a global icon.

For marketers, the hashtag’s short, but rich history proves its ability to attract attention and build conversations around your message. Abbi Whitaker is the president of The Abbi Agency. Follow her on Twitter @abbijayne or @theabbiagency, and visit her blog, where a version of this story first appeared.


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