7 pitching behaviors on reporters’ holiday wish lists

Reporters often complain about PR pros’ poor media relations habits. Here’s to how to give them what they really want this year.

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For PR pros, there’s no group more special than reporters. Have you thought about what they might like to receive this year?

Here are some items on their pitch wish lists:

1. Fewer throwaway pitches . Journalists see far too many “nuisance” pitches—if you don’t believe it, just ask.

Pitches that are about the latest product feature, related to a geographic area out of their coverage area or about topics they don’t even cover are annoying. When you pitch a reporter, make it count. Have real news on a topic that they actually write about.

2. Pitches that get to the point. When you pitch, get to the point already. No one has time to read volumes of information to try to decipher the story idea you’re trying to convey.

State the idea in the first sentence—and don’t forget the subject line. Consider using bullet points with data or other compelling information that will grab their attention. If they want more, they’ll ask.

3. Customized pitches. Don’t send the same pitch to 100 reporters and expect good results.

Customize your pitch to a reporter’s beat. Personalize it, too—and for goodness sake, spell their names correctly.

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