7 PR tools your agency can start using today

These tools can save you time and energy while making it easier to connect with journalists, customers, copywriters, and colleagues.

PR agencies are often looking for new tools to help them work better, smarter, and faster. Many of them are already using tools including Cision, Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Evernote, and Google Docs. Here are some of my favorite and perhaps lesser-known tools that every PR practitioner should have at their disposal: 1. Muck Rack Pro. If you want to maximize your media outreach, Muck Rack Pro is a great addition to a PR toolkit. The paid version of the online tool that helps journalists and sources connect also enables you to receive alerts, organize media lists, send pitches, and conduct unlimited searches. It also provides priority customer support. 2. Scripted. When you need well-written copy for a project but don’t have a writer on staff to put it together, Scripted can be a lifesaver. This helpful site matches writers to your PR projects and provides assistance with website copy, white papers, press releases, video scripts, social media updates, blog posts, e-newsletters, and more. 3. Asana. This powerful project-management platform provides resources that help you manage your team more efficiently than ever. You can organize tasks, identify stakeholders, set goals, acknowledge milestones, and keep on top of important project updates without having to read dozens of emails. 4. Boomerang. Boomerang offers free, online event management and registration software for event hosts and self-service marketing firms. You also get full-service email and social marketing management. Send a message to any size list, and you’ll receive access to more than 60 reports to help you understand responses and optimize your campaign. 5. Dropbox for iPhone. This handy app gives you the power to favorite files and view them offline, upload videos and photos, and share files quickly and easily. Our team will typically use the app when we’re on the go so we’re never caught without our clients’ information. It has all the power of Dropbox in the palm of your hand. 6. Salesforce. This well-respected customer relationship management system helps you find customers and retain them. Salesforce provides the opportunity to learn more about customer behavior so you can develop stronger relationships with the people who matter. With the Salesforce1 platform, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, and Sales Cloud, this tool enables you to understand and connect with customers like never before. 7. Rapportive. As the name indicates, this helpful tool enables you to create rapport with your network in a new and unique way. No longer do you simply see the sender’s name in your inbox. Along with it, you get helpful insight into who that person is and how to better connect. With Rapportive, you see a photo of the person, where they’re based, their job title and company affiliation, social networks where they have a presence, and icons that give you a chance to connect with them on those sites instantly. Plus, it’s free. It’s like a customer relationship management tool exclusively for email.

No matter how hard we work, there are still only 24 hours in a day. By implementing some of these useful tools into your PR routine, you’re destined to get more done, and done well. Which PR tools do you consider must-haves? Kristen Tischhauser is co-founder and managing partner at talkTECH, a technology-focused boutique PR solutions and communications firm for innovative brands.


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