7 reasons people hate being in meetings with you

Did you schedule another meeting without an agenda? Do you talk over your colleagues? If so, it’s time to brush up your meeting etiquette.

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There’s a reason meetings are so reviled.

They’re poorly organized. They’re poorly run. They have no objective. They have no value. People show up for the sake of showing up, and they behave badly.

You’re probably in a meeting right now.

Sadly, you are likely part of the badly behaving, no-value-adding, disorganized, meeting-marauding masses.

Just look around the table. Look at those faces—those bored, irate, aggravated, disengaged faces. They don’t want to be in this conference room with you. They hate being in this conference room with you.

And that’s no good, because if you’re in a meeting, there should be a reason. Maybe you’re trying to woo a prospective customer. Maybe you’re trying to kick off a project. Maybe you’re presenting work to a client.

Regardless, if people hate being in meetings with you, you are thwarting your objectives.

Don’t let this happen. The first step in healing is to recognize you have a problem. Here’s a list to help you recognize why people hate being in meetings with you:

1. You have no agenda.

We all have a mountain of work to do, and meetings take us away from that work.

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