7 tips for managing a Facebook wall

A recent white paper offers advice for one of the more hazardous jobs in the PR business—overseeing a brand’s Facebook presence.

Managing wall posts on Facebook can be a hazardous job.

Just ask the communications people at Nestlé. Facebook users blasted the company for “censorship” after it said it planned to review its commenting policy.

As you know, the way you engage with the outside world on your Facebook page has become a crucial component of the PR professional’s job. Your response—or lack thereof—to wall posts can be downright detrimental to your brand.

If you’re looking for some guidance how to manage your brand’s Facebook presence, Buddy Media released a white paper titled “Strategies for Effective Facebook Wall Posts: A Statistical Review.”

It includes tips and tactics on the best days and times to post, the ideal length, keywords to use, questions to ask, and in-depth advice by industry.

All Facebook, a resource for social media marketers, has taken the white paper and added their own observations to some of the key points under the ambitious title “How To Manage A Facebook Wall In Any Situation.”

It includes advice on:

1. Complaints. “Don’t make the mistake of replying to complaints selectively—many admins and brand managers try to avoid the more controversial posts thinking it will be more diplomatic.”

2. Spreading positivity. “Try to engage the happy posters so they reply in kind with more positivity, further populating people’s news feeds with goodness.”

3. Requests for Information. “Think of these requests and your answers as a bonding exercise, a way to make the fan feel like he or she is a part of things upon receiving the answers.”

4. Guidance and advice. “Be mindful of potential legal issues here. Make sure your answers to these questions protect you from litigation.”

5. Diffusing frustration with technology. “Anticipate likely technology challenges and prepare answers to questions ahead of time.”

6. Managing conversation threads. “Don’t move so quickly that you make mistakes, especially because you’re going to face a mix of positive and negative posts.”

7. Keeping negativity and profanity at bay. “Create a written policy about what types of posts you don’t want to receive, and place it prominently on your wall or page.”

Read more at All Facebook.

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