8 annoying phrases in PR pitches

On her personal blog, an assistant editor at Mashable explained what’s bugging her about your pitches. How many of these phrases do you use?

How long does it take for a journalist to start griping about PR professionals?

For Erica Swallow, an assistant editor at Mashable, it took about 365 days.

“After nearly a year at Mashable, I’ve accumulated a hefty load of email and tweet pitches and have developed a keen hate for a few overused phrases,” she wrote on her blog. “Please help out the world and never use the following phrases in pitches to your favorite reporters.”

The eight phrases that Swallow hates:

1. Circle Back
2. Follow Up
3. Put Out Some Feelers
4. Gauge/Re-Gauge Your Interest
5. Industry Leading
6. Revolutionary
7. Groundbreaking
8. Did you get my email? / I noticed you didn’t respond.

How many of these do you use?

On her blog, Swallow shared an example for each phrase and offered further explanation. Read on.


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