8 habits of effective and productive writers

Effective writers have organized work spaces, specified writing times, and zero tolerance for distractions. Follow their lead to boost your productivity.

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But how do you do that when you have a monkey on your back?

Between children, co-workers, construction, and other “c” words that stand for chaos, it is a wonder we can get anything written at all. This is when you need to develop some habits that create calm and order in the middle of mayhem.

Here are some tips on writing and staying productive—even when confusion is knocking on your door:

1. Pick an off time to write.

It might be early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or even in the middle of the night. You know when it is in your life: That time when everything seems to settle down for a little while, or right before it starts all over again. If you can find this prime time and get writing, you will be a lot more productive.

This might mean that you get up before everyone else, but so be it. If early morning is not your thing, try for mid-afternoon. While everyone else is munching on chips and staring at the clock to see how many minutes are left until it is time to go home, be productive and write. If you are a night owl or have flexible hours, the witching hour is a great time to get a lot of writing done in peace and quiet.

I would not suggest writing when the kids get home from school, your spouse gets home from work, or during meal times. It may be just a wee bit distracting.

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