8 of the most challenging PR jobs

Working for one of the most reviled organizations in the world or simply being involved in sensitive government communications must take a toll.

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Think your job is hard? Try being a public relations person for one of these companies or organizations.

Airline: You work for an industry that is not just distressed, but reviled by a large segment of the population. Your company either now charges to check baggage or has stopped giving out free drinks. At least once each year, you have to deal with a winter storm that cripples your business, leaves thousands of passengers stranded and results in a seemingly endless supply of sob or angry stories. Customer service is virtually nonexistent at your company (at least that’s what your customers say) and your job may be on the line because without a merger, your company is going to fail. Don’t get me started on the TSA.

Oil company: The only people who professionally love you are your co-workers, your company’s shareholders and lobbyists. You can never win an argument—regardless of whether you are correct—because rising gas prices are sacrilegious to virtually everyone in the country. You’re constantly under attack from consumer groups, politicians and environmentalists, and everyone else blames their economic problems on your industry.

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