8 signs you’re a PR pro

If you’re constantly checking your phone, can’t stand fake news, shine in front of a camera or struggle to explain your job to family and friends, you’re probably a communicator.

A career in PR can be busy and stressful, but communication veterans wouldn’t work in any other industry.

From coaching executives for media interviews to writing and pitching press releases and news stories, PR pros’ jobs are full of challenges, opportunities to be creative and chances to learn and grow with new skills.

No matter if you work in an agency or in-house—or what tasks fill your day—there are certain elements of the career to which every communicator can relate.

You know you’re a PR pro when:

1. You check your phone multiple times an hour—including after work hours and on the weekends.


A PR pro’s work is never done—whether it’s a last-minute client request or monitoring digital campaigns and engagement. Social media never sleeps, and you want to take advantage of every moment you can—while also avoiding firestorms on- and offline.

2. You watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and tweets.


You might also be a football fan, but the February matchup provides plenty of fodder for those interested in what PR and marketing agencies have cooked up for their brands’ 30-second slots. As more and more people turn to Twitter during the game, you can learn valuable lessons—or stake your own claim to the spotlight.

3. You hate the term “fake news.”


The much-repeated phrase of 2017 gave “whatever” competition for the most annoying word, according toMarist College. You’re just as fatigued by the growing problem as the next person, but PR pros are sometimes blamed for spreading false or misleading stories. With your reputation on the line, you want to make sure that the industry stays as far away as possible from any story that’s not true.

4. You know the struggle with clients is real.


You might sometimes feel as though you’re trying to be a mind reader due to confusing or vague instructions, which can be even more frustrating when you’ve completed a task multiple times. Setting realistic client expectations can help you manage this issue—but if you can’t get through to a difficult client, it might be time to end the relationship.

5. You’re constantly checking the news and staying up to date on current trends.


PR pros must stay updated on news and trends, especially as it pertains to your industry, organization or client. You probably already have several Google Alerts set for you and your organization, but you also know when news breaks and use that to your advantage when pitching reporters.

6. You can’t stand grammar errors or typos.


You know that copy riddled with jargon and grammar errors can kill your chances of securing media coverage or enticing stakeholders to read your copy, so you avoid writing errors and typos whenever possible. You often enlist your co-workers to proofread what you write, because double checking your writing never hurts.

7. You know how to act in front of a camera.


Whether it’s to promote your products and services, contribute an expert opinion or respond to a crisis, you’re skilled at preparing and delivering statements that can put stakeholders’ minds at ease, foster transparency and trust, and ultimately boost your reputation. Even when you’re not in the hot seat, you’ve spent time training and coaching those who will be—so your executive or client doesn’t say something that causes a PR headache.

8. You struggle to tell your friends and family what you do.


If you fear the question, “What do you do for work?” you’re not alone.

PR pros wear many hats, and a typical day might include managing crisis communications, creating and launching a strategic communications campaign, engaging with consumers online, reporting your ROI in a meeting, pitching journalists, working with influencers, coaching your boss before an on-camera interview or running an event. Though there’s not one short answer for what you do, these tips can help.

What would you add to the list, PR Daily readers?

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