9 communication lessons from Halloween candy

Wait! Before you gulp down another handful of Skittles or Whoppers, consider the lessons they offer, from authenticity to pizzazz in your messaging. Here’s a sampler.

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Uh-oh. It’s candy season again.

Offices everywhere will soon overflow with Halloween treats. Bowls of belly-expanding treats will tempt us from desktops and in breakrooms.

Furthermore, starting Nov. 1, co-workers who overstocked on jumbo bags of sweets will be hauling in enough goodies to rot the teeth of an army of marauding Visigoths.

Several publications—among them The Cut, The Federalist and Thrillist—have ranked their favorite Halloween candies. These writers get bonus points for their truculent likes and dislikes. (“Here’s The Only Completely Correct Ranking Of Halloween Candy,” asserts The Federalist.)

Rank your candy tastes any way you like. We at Ragan step it up and draw salient communication lessons from pillowcases full of half-squashed sweets.

Just in time for Halloween, we present a list of candy-inspired pointers to guide communication pros.

1. Whoppers.

None of the candy-rankers cared much for these. The Federalist calls them, “The perfect option for those who love tasting chocolate, savoring malt, and chewing sandpaper.”

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