9 incredibly useful Twitter tools

Whether you’re monitoring a brand, tracking a competitor, or planning an event, these tools will make your life easier and help you build your social media presence. 

Do you ever experience Twitter envy for those with thriving Twitter communities?

If you’re wondering how they find the time to effectively build, manage, and measure their Twitter tools, the answer is simple: Twitter tools.

There are a wealth of time-saving tools on the market. If you haven’t chosen the right ones to fast track your Twitter management, you’re missing out on the chance to create real value from Twitter.

While the right tool for your business will depend on your needs, these nine tools have proven valuable for me:

1. SocialPointer (free, it’s currently in beta)

SocialPointer tracks and monitors social conversations and enables you to respond in real time. Simply type in the keywords you want to monitor (brand, competitors, industry, etc.) and SocialPointer will deliver all the relevant results to your email inbox.

2. TwentyFeet (free with paid upgrades)

TwentyFeet is a relatively new Twitter monitoring tool. It’s key differentiator is its ability to aggregate your social progress across various social sites (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, bit.ly, and Google Analytics). In this way, you can quickly understand how effective one social site has been for your business relative to another.

3. Twitalyzer (subscription fee, but there’s a free trial)

Twitanalyzer is a specialized Twitter analytics tool, offering you statistics covering your impact, engagement, and influence on Twitter, including the location of those in your Twitter community. This information is useful for helping you better target your tweets.

4. Topsy (free with a paid upgrade)

Topsy is another social media search engine that finds content published on Twitter and the Web, and sorts them by relevance or date. And the tool accomplishes this in real-time. You can type in any important keyword to monitor, including your company, brand, and competitors.

5. FollowerWonk (free)

Followerwonk sorts your followers into different groups so you can more effectively engage with them. Key features include Twitter analytics, follower segmentation, social graph tracking, and time when users are on Twitter.

6. IFTTT (free)

IFTT stands for If This Then That. You can create feeds around answering IFTT. In other words, if this happen (for instance, someone follows you on Twitter) then that happens (say, a thank you message will be automatically sent to the user).

7. HootSuite (free with paid upgrades)

Hootsuite enables brands to manage their social accounts from one dashboard. It contains all of the accounts, conversations, and keywords monitored. More specifically, you will be able to respond to mentions, direct messages, tweets, and favorited tweets in dedicated streams or columns. This is a great tool for those trying to manage multiple social accounts.

8. SocialMotus (free)

SocialMotus is a social management platform for those who prefer a less cluttered interface than Hootsuite. It also provides additional features such as priority messaging, tracking campaigns, leads discovery, and more, making it effective for those who are also trying to build their presence on social communities.

(Disclosure: The author is a marketing executive with SocialMotus.)

9. Eventbrite (free)

This social media tool is specifically designed for those who have created events and are selling tickets. For those looking to create a thriving community, events are an effective way to increase engagements and awareness of your brand. Eventbite simplifies the process with templates set up to fast track the selling process.

Are there any tools for Twitter you want to recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

Siv Rauv is a marketing executive at SocialMotus. A version of this story first appeared on the Clubnet Search Marketing blog.


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