9 simple public speaking tips

Use this insight as a guide to feel confident, comfortable and knowledgeable in front of any group of any size on any occasion.

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Employees present to clients and a few managers and worry about impressing their team and closing the deal.

Student speakers endure a different nervousness. Their presentations are to classmates. The nervousness is about the stigma or respect that may stay with them all through school.

Other students and faculty who judge you know the pressures you are under. Here are tips to improve your presentation delivery.

1. Familiarize yourself with your subject.

Go through your presentation repeatedly. Learn all you can about your subject so you can deliver your deep knowledge of it confidently.

Your presentation will come off as more interesting, because the audience will intuit that you’re saving them time by keeping a considerable number of facts, ideas, and arguments in reserve. Your audience will sense that you know more about the subject than they do.

2. If you can choose your own topic, choose a topic you feel comfortable with.

Choose a topic you can comfortably talk about or are an authority on, something you know well or love very much. This will give you enough boldness to present beautifully.

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