9 tips for effective PR surveys

Questionnaires can bring rich data to PR and marketing pros, but only if they’re well-written and to the point. 

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Here are nine tips to help create an effective poll:

1. Keep the questions short.

It’s generally best to keep both the individual questions and the full questionnaire as short as possible, always concentrating on the key objectives of the survey and the potential headlines you want to generate.

2. Use closed questions.

For most surveys, closed-ended questions will generate the results you need. Open-ended questions can generate some credible quotes, but in general, are of limited use for media content.

If you need to report percentage and mean scores, there is little point in asking open questions.

3. Use credible stories.

Quirky or fun stories make good headlines, but unrealistic surveys do not. Whatever the angle, the survey must be seen to deliver something objective and credible.

4. Don’t force answers.

Too many PR surveys are still based on leading questions and limited answer choices.

While this approach will increase your chances of getting the “right” answer, it also risks being found out by more inquisitive journalists or delivering skewed answers.

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