A.1. breaks up with steak

People are eating less and less beef at home, so the sauce brand has dropped the word ‘steak’ from its name. It broke the news on YouTube.

A.1. wants to remind consumers that they can slather their sauce on more than just beef, so they’re “breaking up” with steak. Don’t worry, though. They’re still good friends. The break up comes in the form of a YouTube video using Facebook to tell the story. That’s right, A.1. is no longer “steak sauce.” The brand has dropped steak from the name because , as the tag line tells us, it’s “For almost everything. Almost.” Advertising Age has a theory that may explain parent company Kraft’s thinking here:

Kraft might not have a choice but to broaden the sauce’s appeal. Beef’s popularity among animal proteins eaten at home has been declining for many years, while chicken consumption is rising, according to NPD Group food analyst Harry Balzer. Pork, which is the most popular, is flat, as are fish and turkey, he said. A.1.’s share of the table-sauce category was 1.7% in 2013, compared with 2.1% in 2005, according to Euromonitor International.

This isn’t the first time the brand has branched outside of steak. Its original bottle from 1895 claimed the “international sauce” was for “general use.” And who can forget this gem from 1984: (Image via)


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