A cheat sheet for public speaking

This infographic from LondonSpeakerBureau.com offers nine steps to a memorable speech, from preparation to delivery.

For some, public speaking is a terrifying proposition. For others, it’s more comfortable than a Barcalounger. Chances are, most people fall somewhere in the middle. And one thing is for certain when it comes to public speaking: Even the most seasoned public speaker has room for improvement.

Where to start? With all the rules, tips and best practices that exist to improve your public speaking, it can be a bit overwhelming.

First, you have to create the speech, from the title (you want to get people interested in hearing your speech) to the content (gotta keep ’em interested) to leaving a lasting impression.

Then the preparation begins. From rehearsing, to clearing your mind, choosing your clothes—it all makes a difference in helping to give you the needed confidence to deliver a great speech.

Finally you take the stage. Eye contact, posture, tone, hand movement and volume must all be expertly calibrated to keep everyone interested.

If only there were a handy guide to get all these tips in one place to make sure each of these aspects is a success.

Fortunately there’s this public speaking cheat sheet infographic from LondonSpeakerBureau.com. This is one you’ll want to refer back to again and again. (Click here for a larger image.)


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