A day in the life of a social media manager

This infographic sheds light on what the workload is like for communicators who manage brands’ online profiles. 

Ten years ago, the job title of social media manager simply did not exist. Today, marketing departments (and brands’ social media accounts) couldn’t run without them.

The job requires acute attention to detail, a journalist’s eye for storytelling and the ability to stay on top of trends across existing and new social platforms.

A social media manager’s work is often the front door to a person getting to know or understand your business. They can be your company’s voice or the cause of an unwanted PR nightmare.

An infographic from Socialcast by VMware outlines a day in the lives of these unsung heroes, from the first a.m. email check to scanning the web for curated content to those final before-bed tweets.

It also contains a salary range breakdown by city (New York, L.A. and Chicago), so you have something to go with you when you march into your boss’s office this afternoon to show how underpaid you are.

Check out the infographic below:

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