A eulogy for the press release

Join us at the PR & Media Relations Conference in New York City to learn more innovative ways to tell your brand’s story.

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Dear press releases,

You had a good run. Once, you were all anyone needed to get the word out to journalists about a new product or service. You were the go-to tool for PR pros worldwide.

Times have changed. Newsrooms are shrinking and PR pros must compete fiercely for the attention of journalists. Social media has changed the way audiences learn about brands. Video and visual content have taken over the media world.

That’s why the experts at the PR & Media Relations Conference on April 3-5 in New York City are using such clever tactics as:

  • Employing storytelling techniques to create content that appeals to distracted online readers
  • Maintaining strong relationships with influencers and reporters on social media
  • Creating videos that capture their brand’s message and sets it apart from competitors

Press releases might still be used from time to time, but the savviest PR pros will be saving their seats at this can’t-miss conference to discover the updated tactics they need to find success in 2018 and beyond.

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