A guide to local marketing

For small-business owners or brand managers, advice to produce content and optimize your website sometimes has to be more tailored to be effective. This infographic can help.

Much of the brand-focused content produced these days tends to focus on the big guys: enterprise corporations that pull in top-dollar contracts for agencies.

What about the little guy, such as the mom-and-pop shop? Don’t they require marketing and branding advice, too?

They do, and that’s presumably why Cactus Mailing Company came up with the five pillars of local marketing. They are:

1. Local search engine optimization

2. Social media

3. Website optimization

4. Email marketing

5. Postcard mailings

You can’t just transplant best practices for large corporations to a small organization and expect success. For every time this happens to work, there’s an instance (or several instances) of failures. Local marketing is more nuanced, personalized and specific.

Still, the five pillars of local marketing capture the ideal starting point for any organization’s owner who wonders how to get started on the marketing journey.

For details on each of these pillars, see Cactus’ infographic below:


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