A guide to millennial marketing

The younger demographic has huge spending power, but getting your messages to and connecting with them can be an uphill battle. This infographic can help.

Marketing can be a difficult occupation—and marketing to the millennial generation can be even tougher.

First and foremost, the younger demographic values authenticity and their peers’ opinions. Consider that 84 percent of millennials say that user generated content influences what they buy. Plus, 82 percent are comfortable enough with brands to interact directly with them.

Though they may get a bad rap for being unmotivated and a little too dependent on their parents, there’s no denying the buying power of a generation that boasts 87.5 million Americans.

They rarely pick up magazines and newspapers or listen to the radio, but 85 percent own smart phones. Millennials are also the second largest U.S. population using the internet.

This adds up to an interesting challenge for marketers.

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Luckily, the University of Southern California’s online master of science in applied psychology created a guide to help. Learn more about how (and why) organizations are targeting this generation, by checking out the infographic below:


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