A marketers’ guide to local SEO

You don’t have to manage a large brand to effectively use tactics that boost your search-engine rankings. Here’s to net wins for smaller organizations with similar tactics.

Search engine optimization isn’t just for the marketing departments of large organizations.

Every brand manager—including those for mom-and-pop shops—must consider online search engines when establishing a brand’s presence. How else are consumers expected to find these hidden gems?

One of the biggest misconceptions among small business owners and brand managers of similar organizations is that creating an SEO strategy is a difficult, time-consuming undertaking. However, a few easily implemented tactics can ensure that your business is prominently displayed in top search engines.

Earlier this year, we showed readers 16 steps to ramp up your rankings in local SEO. Now, we’re going even deeper with Pickaweb’s step-by-step guide to local SEO. Marketing and PR pros can use the infographic as a comprehensive guide to perfecting their local SEO strategies.

Check it out below, and let us know any of your favorite tips that were omitted:


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