A mere 34 percent of Americans view Twitter favorably

Even more give it an unfavorable rating, according to a new poll. Why the dislike for Twitter?

Good thing Twitter nabbed Google’s PR chief.

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, Google and Apple dominate the tech landscape when it comes to public perception. A whopping 82 percent of have a favorable overall opinion of Google, while Apple not far behind at 74 percent.

Facebook (58 percent) and Twitter (34 percent) didn’t fare nearly as well. In fact, more people—36 percent—view Twitter unfavorably.

The poll doesn’t speculate as to why Twitter’s favorability is so low—and its unfavorable score so high—though it does indicate that the social network is less well known than its contemporaries in the tech field. Nearly one-third of respondents (31 percent) have not formed an opinion of Twitter, the poll found.

To give a sense of how far reaching Google has become, only 10 percent of Americans have yet to make up their minds about the search giant, while 14 percent haven’t formed a basic opinion about Apple and Facebook.

For full results of the study, click here.

Last week, Gabriel Stricker, the former director of global communications and public affairs at Google, said in a tweet: “I’m thrilled to be joining Twitter—and thankful for my time at Google. Both are more than just companies. They’re movements.”

Wonder if those polls number will change once he comes aboard at Twitter.

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