A mere 7 percent of agencies are using Pinterest

Despite Pinterest’s surging popularity, few marketing firms are embracing the social network, a new study found. In fact, most have no interest in it.

For brands, 2012 should be the year of the image.

Whether you make cookies or work for the Secretary of State, pictures are driving conversations, social shares, and engagement among Web audiences.

And this year’s hottest social network—Pinterest—is all about images.

Pinterest, a website in which people post, share, and comment on images, is the third most-popular social network in the U.S. Although it launched in 2010, the site surged to popularity in 2012, reaching nearly 12 million users in January, according to comScore.

The site and its female-dominated user base drive more online purchases than Facebook.

Despite Pinterest’s popularity, the vast majority of marketers have yet to embrace the site’s potential. In fact, many are paying it no mind.

According to a new survey by The Creative Group, a mere 7 percent of advertising and marketing executives said their companies are using Pinterest for business purposes. Ten percent said they plan to start using it, while 17 percent indicated that the site has caught their eye, but they are hesitant to embrace it.

Meanwhile, 44 percent have no interest in using Pinterest for business purposes and 18 percent said they’ve never heard of the site.

“Pinterest has attracted a huge following quickly, but companies may be waiting to see if its popularity will last and what the potential business uses are in order to determine if a presence there makes sense,” said Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group.

The survey noted that larger firms were more active than smaller agencies and corporate marketing departments. Nearly a quarter of agencies with more than 100 employees, 30 percent were either using Pinterest for marketing purposes or planned to launch an account.


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