A razor brand’s ‘smooth’ Valentine’s Day promo

Wilkinson Sword documented its creative spin on handing out roses with a strong holiday message: Don’t irritate the ones you love.

For the past couple of years, I’ve used an electric razor marketed as a “designer stubble trimmer.” I believe that’s probably code for “too busy or lazy to give myself a thorough shave.” Plus, my dermatologist tells me that my skin is very sensitive to irritation. But just because I don’t exactly embrace the idea of a sharp blade getting so chummy with my neckline, it doesn’t mean I don’t embrace a “smooth” razor promotion. European razor manufacturer Wilkinson Sword gets about as close to the ideal as a brand can with its recent Valentine’s Day effort. Instead of pushing teddy bears and boxes of chocolates, why not get a little closer with your partner this holiday by giving yourself a nice, close shave, it asks.

The company’s well-groomed execution—shown in the video below—sets up an outdoor display of a man’s stubbly beard (although perhaps it’s rather presumptuous of me just to assume that it’s a man). Upon taking a closer look, however, passersby realize that the wall-sized gentleman’s whiskers are actually rose stems, each with a special valentine attached that reads, “This is not the day to irritate her.” When flipped over, the brand wishes people “a smooth Valentine’s Day.” The brand is re-sharing the video in time for this Valentine’s Day. It was initially released by agency JWT Paris in February 2013. Since being reposted on Feb. 6, the video has gotten more than 1 million views.


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