Advice for the next generation of PR

Public relations is not a glamorous job, says the author, who offers six pieces of wisdom for recent and soon-to-be college graduates looking to join the industry.

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Reality check: PR is not glamorous. If that’s in your top five reasons for entering the industry, you had better change directions now.

The truth is most people don’t understand public relations, even those entering the field. As a PR pro, I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad, because—if we want to get down to it—most often it’s a thankless job with a high amount of stress.

Every day is full of opportunities to make an impact for the company or brands you represent, but there is never enough time and luck—or whatever you want to call it: timing, circumstances, etc.—isn’t always on your side.

But you should never count on luck to be on your side. Every successful outcome starts with a solid strategy with various plans of attack. And by “attack,” I don’t mean duping reporters, spinning the truth, or forcing a story down anyone’s throat.

Smart PR pros focus on the brand and the consumers. What is their love line? What is it that brings them together? They start there and build programs, platforms, pitches—whatever it takes to emphasize the strengths of the brand.

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