Agencies spread cheer and fear with video holiday cards

These examples from agencies Planit, Victors & Spoils, and Critical Mass show an advanced level of creativity.

This could get ugly. The growing tradition of agencies making interactive or video holiday cards has reached a new level of sophistication, which means we’re a year or two out from full-scale war. Planit attempted to “scare the cheer” out of its employees by having a masked Planiteer jump out of a box and yell. It’s funny. But not as funny as this fantastic video from Boulder-based Victors & Spoils: Critical Mass went the useful route and invented a drink called “Pitch Fuzz.” It’s named for the “warm, unfocused and generally fuzzy feeling that occurs after …the deadlines have somehow been met and the adrenaline has faded.”

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Here’s the recipe: (Image via, via & via)


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