Agency creates the ‘world’s longest hashtag’ for A&W

Cornett IMS’ hashtag for the hand-breaded Chicken Tender Texas Toast sandwich is 164 characters too long to tweet.

A Kentucky-based agency claims it has created the world’s longest hashtag to promote a new A&W sandwich. The monstrosity in question, A&W’s hand-breaded Chicken Tender Texas Toast Sandwich, apparently deserved a hashtag that was more than 140 characters to fully capture its formidable girth. It’s the brainchild of Cornett IMS. Here it is, in all its hashtaggy glory: #supertastylargeandinchargetexastoasttwohandwichmadewithdeliciousonehundredpercentwhitemeathandbreadedchickentendersandyourchoiceofclassicorspicypapasauceeitherwayyoucantgowrongwowthatsoundsgoodyouneedtotryoneitsonlyavailableforalimitedtimeImgoingtohavetogogetonemyselfareyoustillreadingthisseeyouatAandW There actually seem to be various versions of the hashtag being reported, with confusion coming from the one used in A&W’s print ads versus the one in the spot for the sandwich: Aside from being too long, the hashtag in the video uses characters that can’t actually be included in hashtags, namely a hyphen and a few apostrophes. (It also has spaces in it.) The version that doesn’t include those characters, which appears in print, is 304 characters, making it 164 characters too long for a tweet.

Regardless, A&W is reportedly submitting the hashtag to Guinness in order to try to snag a world record. (Image via)


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