Agency solicits Snapchat pitches

DDB Oslo is giving students 10 seconds to wow them.

If you’ve worked at an agency, you know that truly great ideas are sometimes the simplest. As DDB Oslo puts it, “Great ideas can be explained in a sentence.” That’s the impetus for the idea behind the agency’s search for creative talent. They’re asking students to pitch their creative idea in 10 seconds via Snapchat. Here’s the pitch-for-the-pitch from DDB Oslo creative directors Finn Knudsen and Eirik Sørensen:

There is nothing more beautiful than an idea so pure, simple and powerful that it can be explained in a sentence. So when looking for young creative talent to join us here at the agency, we figured Snapchat would be the perfect medium to find them. There is a lot of good talent and many good ideas out there, but if you manage to pitch your idea in less than 10 seconds, you’re probably one of the best.

So, students: If you have a great idea and you’re keen on living in Oslo, Norway, click here for all of the particulars. (Image via)


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