And the winners of our #jargoncontest are ….

Check out whose jargon-filled tweets had us in stitches. Boy, we got some doozies.

How many buzzwords can you pack into 140 characters? More than you think, apparently.

Our CEO Mark Ragan held a Twitter contest on the best jargon-filled tweet and the responses had us cringing and laughing. Search #jargoncontest or go to Storify to read all the entries and have a few laughs.

Our winners tweeted @MarkRaganCEO these 140 character gems:

Our lucky winners get one free registration each to our 6th Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Here are some honorable mentions that made us smile and grimace, in no particular order:

1. I’ll dig deep, double down & leverage my learnings to build a dashboard of jargon metrics. This tweet is a game-changer! @JanzenJanzen

2. The democratization of communication leverages the proliferation of channels to amplify brand evangelists @jessflynn

3. Sending outreach emails to geo-specific locales in a unique niche vertical: This will provide maximum ROI for our client. @D_Sorrisi

4. I’m leveraging my talents to assure the content of this tweet is robust, adds value, and brings awareness to your brand. @jenriosburns

5. Following a playbook of leveraging blue sky imagineering with on the ground reality checks will result in impactful learnings @Davidvjackson

6. The nucleus of a of well endowed #SoMe program will not propagate without felicitous tangential lacing. @TravisKroll

7. Let’s table this and circle back offline to ballpark how to best incentivize the actionable ROI for the end-user @emilystickler

8. Hoping for substantial R.O.I. on my #jargoncontest tweets as my social influence among fellow gen-Yers might crash and burn as a result. @lisadicarlucci


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