Anti-smoking campaign opens clinic in ‘Minecraft’

Swedish organization A Non Smoking Generation is reaching out to the online building game’s huge audience with its ‘Fear Clinic.’

An anti-smoking campaign is taking an innovative approach to spreading its message. The Swedish organization A Non Smoking Generation has set up shop in “Minecraft.” For the uninitiated, “Minecraft” is an open-source viral video game where players create their own 3D environments by mining for resources and building stuff. Along with the aid of Swedish PR agency Deportivo, A Non Smoking Generation created the “Fear Clinic” within the game, allowing gamers to come and talk about their fears.


Ann-Therese Enarsson, Chairman of A Non Smoking Generation explains, “With the Fear Clinic we want to help young people to talk about fears, instead of hiding them behind a cigarette.” As opposed to pictures of black lungs to show the dangers of smoking effect, the Fear Clinic is available on hand every time someone logs into the game inviting them to talk about their fears with a psychologist who’s on stand-by.

The organization posted this video, which features the Fear Clinic: What do you think, PR Daily readers? Is “Minecraft” a valuable, untapped venue for brand messaging? (Image via)


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