Are you filling your press releases with facts?

Reporters don’t have time to read a flowery novella full of self-congratulation. Give them verifiable information, and they’ll respond.

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Writing a press release seems easy enough. You have a news item you want to get across to the media, so you whip up a quick summary and send it off. That’s how it goes, right? Well, sort of.

I’d argue that press release writing is simultaneously one of the easiest and one of the hardest types of writing. Here’s what I mean.

A common thread you’ll see is the “no BS” talk. Why? Well, normal readers often have time for a bit of it. They will listen to your lead -p stories and your opinions and your analogies. Reporters, however, have no time or patience for it. They want to see:

And they want to see all of that without having to search for it. If they have to search, well, they won’t.

Sticking to the facts

There’s no room for BS when you are only providing hard data. And your press release certainly won’t drag on if that’s what you’re offering.

While this makes the press release shorter, it doesn’t always make it easier to write. Why? Because you have to work hard to dig up the right facts to support your story.

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