Are you following these crucial writing guidelines?

Even experts need a refresher—join us for the Exceptional Writer and Editor Virtual Summit on Jan. 31, and revitalize your writing skills.

With deadlines looming and last-minute requests landing on your desk, it’s easy to commit writing errors without realizing it.

You might be well aware of the fundamental rules but find yourself forgetting them from time to time.

Do you always:

  • Start with a compelling headline and lead?
  • Keep your true audience in mind as your write?
  • Eliminate redundancies and jargon?

Don’t settle for delivering mediocre writing. Learn how to get your message across succinctly yet vibrantly by attending The Exceptional Writer and Editor Virtual Summit on Jan. 31 at 12–3:30 p.m. Central time.

Four writing and editing experts will show you how to renew your creativity, write concise copy and engage your audience with great stories.

Say goodbye to stubborn writing mistakes and hello to flawless copy—register today!

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