Are your infographics staying true to your branding?

Design elements are essential to ensuring your marketing materials are instantly recognizable and establish your organization as reliable and authentic. Here are some points to keep in mind.

An infographic can be a powerful tool for branded content.

Strong visuals and compact information are the currency of the internet, and these data-rich diagrams can help your organization assert itself as an industry leader and primary source for consumers looking to learn more.

However, when potential customers see your infographic, are they instantly reminded of your company?

If not, your content investment could send consumers toward competitors.

This infographic from Visme details how writers and graphic designers can ensure their efforts are driving engagement with their company and staying consistent with other branding.

It asserts that the most important branding elements to monitor include:

  1. Color palette
  2. Font style
  3. Logo placement
  4. Tone of voice

To learn more about the crucial design elements in infographics and how to keep your content consistent with your branding, see the full infographic:


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