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How do you pre-sell a machine that won’t appear on the market for months? A kitchen gizmo that uses artificial intelligence to bake perfectly in under a minute an Indian flatbread, roti, that very few Americans are familiar with? If it sounds unlikely to you, you don’t work for Pulp PR. Zimplistic, Pulp’s client, sold $5 million in preorders for its Rotimatic roti-bread-baking oven in the first week of Pulp’s campaign, and there’s a waiting list for its release in 2015. Pulp attacked the public’s ignorance of roti with verve and imagination: 
• The agency placed a series of stories about roti’s reputation as a healthy type of bread.
• It created an infographic titled “Three Pillars of the Yogic Diet” that ran in lifestyle magazines.
• It raised awareness of the Rotimatic by briefing top-tier tech media with virtual demos.
• Pulp exploited a flap raised by a reporter about the Rotimatic’s high price by creating an infographic on the cost of tech innovation, placing the Rotimatic as a market-disruptive product like Oculus Rift and justifying its price.
• The agency staged a three-day NYC media tour, featuring 15 live demos for prestigious media outlets. 
Mashable’s article on the Rotimatic was the third most-read article of that week, getting 66,500 shares so far. The campaign created more than 400 million impressions—and that number grows. 

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