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Pearson, Internal Communications Team of the Year (10-24 People)

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Amid the company’s ongoing shift from print to digital publication, Pearson communicators have not taken their eyes off their colleagues.

Organizational change causes disruption and uncertainty, and keeping messaging consistent and the flow of information steady is a hallmark for the team—and ample reason to honor Pearson as a Ragan and PR Daily Internal Communications Team of the Year (10-24 People). 

To engage the workforce, the team highlighted a milestone—the organization’s 175th birthday, which resulted in over tens of thousands of virtual engagements and dozens of physical parties, bolstering camaraderie among employees. 

Concurrently, the team focused on direct communications with its people managers, including the Managers’ Corner newsletter. This channel helps supervisors identify key topics, so they can develop their people without sifting through endless emails.

Congratulations to team members Deirdre Latour, Christine Flores, Diana Liquori, Brandy Dawson, William Brucella, Will Keunen, Sarah Fiedler, Katelyn Barone, Sue Wynkoop, Alexa Christon, Laura Goldmeier, Buddhika Amis, Kim England, Dina Vekaria, Jo Broomfield, Amanda Murray, Carla Pinto and Jo Moon.

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