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Re/Max, Communications Team of the Year (10-24 people)

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Putting people in homes can be a bit like putting a man on the moon: It requires common purpose.

Kerry McGovern, VP of communications, gathered siloed Re/Max communicators and told a story: Touring NASA, President John F. Kennedy asked a janitor what work he did. The janitor replied, “I’m here to put a man on the moon.”

Instilling that purposeful mindset—keying on direction, alignment and motivation—has been elemental to her team’s success. It’s also a prime reason Re/Max has been named a Ragan and PR Daily Communications Team of the Year (10-24 people).

McGovern’s approach, as the organization overhauled its communications structure, was to clarify and specify roles and to eradicate not only vertical silos but hierarchical barriers, as well. Morning meetings are forums for introducing objectives and discovering opportunities for collaboration.

Congratulations to team members Kerry McGovern, George White, Katharine Davis, Keith Miller, Jennifer Armbruster, Kayla Roofe, Alexis Rhein, Stephanie Visscher, Sam Rotbart, Mary-Kate Newton, Luke Graham, Leah Curtis, Laura Piscopio and Emily Gibson.

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