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Tampa General Hospital, Public Relations Team of the Year (1-9 People)

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Two disparate PR campaigns stand out for Tampa General Hospital—one involving a high-tech workspace, the other a selfless act of humanity.

For telling these stories, communicators at Tampa General Hospital are a Ragan and PR Daily Public Relations Team of the Year (1-9 People).

The team showed that CareComm, often likened to a NASA-style “mission control” center, is more than just a room with dozens of computer screens—but rather an essential component of care for patients in the 1,000-bed hospital.

In the same year, a Fort Myers doctor learned her office manager had kidney disease and decided to donate a kidney to her. The surgeries would take place at Tampa General, testament to its outstanding reputation. Beyond that, the Tampa team highlighted the importance of organ donations overall—which transcends any one medical facility.

Congratulations to team members Lisa Greene, Curtis Krueger, Ellen Fiss, Daniel Wallace and Susan Shulins.

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