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Mobile tool eases one of auto insurance’s biggest pain points

Esurance’s video appraisal app lets customers use phones to have damage assessed.

Video Appraisal — The First of its Kind in the Insurance Industry- Logo

For far too many organizations, entering the mobile space means either shrinking their websites to fit the smaller smartphone screen or developing an app they hope users will find cool enough to download and install. The best mobile innovations, though, occur when an organization can provide a service through a device that taps into context: What is the customer doing? Where is she? What does she need to make her experience with us better, faster, simpler? How can mobility reduce hassle and friction? 

Esurance took this philosophy to heart when it introduced its video appraisal tool, which we’re honoring as Best Mobile Website or App in Ragan’s 2014 Content Marketing Awards. Video appraisal is a means by which customers can follow instructions from a live, on-screen representative to take just the right video of damage to an insured car that has been in an accident and send it directly to the company, eliminating the need to schedule an appraisal appointment. 

We understand that Esurance was unable to share data, since the tool is a first-of-its-kind app, the results from which could be useful to competitors. But we have no doubt that customers dreading the accident claims process would love the app, which is drop-dead easy to use—and the YouTube video used to promote the app is a nice bit of collateral in its own right! Any organization seeking to make the most out of mobility would be well served to look at the Esurance video appraisal app for inspiration.


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