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‘Whole Foods Market’ magazine holds its own against top newsstand publications

Magazine’s content is a perfect match to the lifestyles of Whole Foods shoppers.

Whole Foods Market magazine- Logo

Anyone who questions the viability of print should consider those few brands that produce commercial magazines that reflect the lifestyles of the audiences to which they cater. Energy drink Red Bull has attracted young readers to its advertising-supported, subscription-driven Red Bulletin. Similarly, the winner of Ragan’s 2014 Content Marketing Award for Best Print Publication—Whole Foods—has achieved stellar results with Whole Foods Market

The ad-supported magazine is published only twice a year, but it’s something regular readers await anxiously, since its 88 pages are stuffed full of recipes and practical tips and ideas about food and living that are consistent with the healthy, organic, natural lifestyle Whole Foods promotes. A vibrant design and high-quality food images, along with strong copy and an entertaining mix of themes, make this magazine every bit the page-turner the best newsstand magazines aspire to be. The addition of stories featuring Whole Foods customers drives home the personal connection the magazine helps establish between the store and its audience, providing a take-home experience to supplement the in-store experience customers have come to expect. 

The research Whole Foods conducts with readers demonstrates that the magazine achieves its goals, including inspiring customers to try new things (which frequently drives in-store sales). Research also confirms that readers shop at Whole Foods more often than nonreaders, and shop at Whole Foods more frequently than at other stores. If more organizations approached print like Whole Foods does, they would easily find more value than they expect. 

We’re delighted to recognize Whole Foods as well as Nelson Pena, Carol Pagliuco, Jennifer Jaroneczyk Hawthorne, and Sally Berman for their work on Whole Foods Market.

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